Music Department

Welcome to IJHS Music!
This website is used for housing important dates and links pertaining to band, chorus, and orchestra performances.
Please refer to your child's google classroom for day-to-day information, assignments, and opportunities related to music ensembles at IJHS.
Concert Dates 2023-2024
December 2023
December 5 - JH Band and Orchestra Concert.  Concert at 7pm.  Report time 6:30p,
December 12 - JH Chorus Concert.  Concert at 7pm.  Report time 6:30pm
Spring Concerts 2024
April 30 - JH Chorus Concert.  Concert at 7pm.  Report time 6:30pm
May 7 - JH Band Concert - Concert at 7pm.  Report time 6:30pm
TBD - Jazz Band
All concerts are livestreamed on our JH YouTube Channel
IJHS Music Faculty:
At IJHS we strive to provide an excellent music education to all of our students.  We want our students to enjoy making music today and everyday!  As a department we have chosen to focus on these four areas as we approach our day-to-day teaching of the students entrusted to our care:
Stewardship - We will be deliberate in nourishing our students' growth as musical people.
Service - We will give time, energy, and effort for the good and growth of our students.
Diligence - We will work hard to create opportunities for our students to thrive.
Community - We will use music to teach community to our students. 
"If it was talent and hard work that got you there, then it is character and integrity which will keep you there!"
-Geoffrey Brand
"Imagine any part of your life or any aspect of our culture without music. Now put music back in.  That is the difference that music makes."
-Clark Chaffee



"In a world of political, economic, and personal disintegration, music is not a luxury but a necessity; not simply because it is therapeutic nor because it is the universal language, but because it is the persistent focus of man's intelligence, aspiration and good will."

-Robert Shaw